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TrueScience® Liquid Collagen

What's in it? How does it Work?

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Ruby Quinoa Extract

Our grain extract unlocks your cells' potential to absorb collagen while simultaneously activating the natural synthesis of collagen. This process reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful.*

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Marine Collagen Peptides

We source our fish responsibly to bring you the highest quality product. Our fish is rich in peptides derived from 10 different types of collagen, along with amino acids that effectively support collagen density, elasticity, and moisture, promoting a youthful and vibrant appearance.*

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Proprietary Blends

The extracts of blueberry, acerola berry and young ponkan fruit are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which effectively support the production of collagen and elastin. By preventing breakdown, they assist in maintaining a youthful, healthy, and radiant complexion for your skin.*

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Appleberry Flavor

Flavored naturally with apple, cranberry, raspberry and strawberry without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our product is free from GMOs and gluten, and has no unpleasant aftertaste. Moreover, it is crafted with a sense of responsibility and sustainability, ensuring that it is not only healthy for you but also for our planet.

Every other collagen product simply puts collagen into your body

Only TrueScience® Activated Liquid Collagen activates, replenishes and maintains your own body's collagen production

Science & Comparison

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Why Do You Need Collagen?

Collagen, a vital protein, constitutes around 25-35% of all proteins in the human body, synthesized from amino acids obtained through our diets. After 30, collagen production decreases, leading to a decline in collagen density, causing saggy, dull, and wrinkled skin. Collagen health benefits extend beyond the skin, including strengthening nails, preventing hair loss, promoting muscle recovery, cushioning joints and ligaments, strengthening bones, facilitating overall tissue repair, promoting gut health, liver function, cardiovascular support, athletic recovery, sleep quality, and mental/brain health.